Age: 28
HOMETOWN: Belle Mead, NJ
DEGREE: Master's of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine
Hobbies: Powerlifting, skiing, reading

​princeton integrative health center
  • I am responsible for treating a variety of patients and providing care utilizing acupuncture and herbal medicine as needed. 
  • I primarily treat patients with women's health concerns ranging from period problems, to fertility concerns, in addition to menopausal symptoms.

Using Scalp Points for the Treatment of Inflammatory Disorders

Professional Experience

April 2019 - Present

Quick Facts

BS, Chemistry
bryn Mawr college, pa


Michelle Chen

Addressing Fertility Issues with Advanced Maternal Age

Seminar with Raven Lang

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Recent Continuing Education

TCM Treatment of Pediatrics

pacific college of oriental medicine, ny

and I'm an acupuncturist in Hamilton, NJ

May 2016 - April 2019

I believe that everyone deserves to be empowered to take action and improve their health.  Let's work together on your journey to becoming a healthier you! 

From women's health concerns to athletes seeking optimal performance, I am here to provide acupuncture and herbal council to those in need. 

About Me

Hello! My name is

Seminar with Kiiko Matsumoto

Seminar with Randine Lewis, Author of "The Infertility Cure"

allcure spine and sports medicine (Hamilton, nj)
  • I am responsible for treating a variety of patients utilizing individually tailored acupuncture protocols. 
  • I work alongside a physical therapist and a chiropractor in order to provide each patient with a holistic program to address their unique needs.